Ed Gorman discusses Andrew Coburn

Andrew Coburn writes page-turners. A special kind of page-turner.
The problem I have with many so-called “beach books” is that I get tired of everything being so-over-the-top. After I’ve read about a hundred pages of many of them I begin to ┬árealize that here we go again. Unreal people who couldn’t exist doing things that couldn’t possibly happen involved in plots that even The Three Stooges would find dopey.

What I’ve always liked about Andrew’s novels is that while I can’t stop reading them (and I mean I’ve sat up as late as three a.m. finishing a couple of them) his people are always true to life and his plots all the more gripping because they could very well happen. Hell, some of them probably HAVE happened since Andrew was a crime beat reporters for many years and covered everybody from the mobsters to serial killers to high flying Wall Street-types who have little plastic statues of Bernie Madoff on their dashboards. In other words–Andrew has BEEN THERE.

Authenticity matters to Andrew.

I’m sure you’ll agree. In fact I have no doubt you’ll agree. As a fan and admirer of Andrew’s novels for more than thirty years I’m really pleased that Prologue has begun to make them available to an even wider reading public through e-books. For style, depth and PURE ENTERTAINMENT Andrew Coburn is in the front rank of American writers.

–Ed Gorman

Andrew Coburn books available from Prologue

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