RORK! by Avram Davidson


by Avram Davidson

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Ran Lomar wanted only to be left alone—to get away from it all. That’s why he volunteered for duty on Pia 2, the most remote, isolated world in the Galazy.

His assignment was simple. The problem on Pia 2 was redwing, a plant used throughout the Galaxy as a medical fixative. Redwing grew only on Pia 2 and lately, less and less was being harvested. Lomar’s job was to find out why, and to do something about it.

A simple job. Or so it seemed. Tan Carlo Harb, the Station Officer, tried to warn him. But Lomar had to find out for himself about the strange inhabitants of Pia 2—the Tocks, the Tame ones, and the Wild ones, and the mysterious, legendary “rorks” that everyone feared . . .

Praise for RORK! and Avram Davidson
“Every word of every chapter is wholly convincing . . . completely
believable . . . fascinating.”
Analog, 1966

“Davidson is in exceptionally good form in this one . . . the writing
is good enough . . . an exotic background . . . ”
Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1966


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