“When I came to New York in the early 50’s, fresh from The University of Missouri, I could not get an agent. So I became one, with all my clients, my pseudonyms. The most successful was Vin Packer, who wrote mysteries, always encouraged by NY Times critic, Anthony Boucher who rarely reviewed paperbacks. When I finally wanted to use my own name, Marijane Meaker (the agent) my editor said to stick with Packer, no one knew Meaker. So it’s great fun to see Packer still out there after all these years….”
—Marijane Meaker

“Prologue will bring back to the reading public books that help shape the genres we know and revere today. I don’t know if you’ve ever had this experience but sometimes when I buy an out of print paperback on line it falls apart when I open it. Or pages are missing. Or I’ve had to pay a lot more than I wanted to for it. Prologue offers great reading at inexpensive prices and instant delivery. Just looking at the lineup makes me realize that the used bookstore we’ve all been waiting for is here at last.”
—Ed Gorman, author of Bad Moon Rising

“I love and collect vintage paperbacks, so you’d think the concept of e-books would have no appeal for someone like me. But the way I see it, having reading copies of these classic titles available in digital format is not only a great way to attract new readers, it also helps to preserve existing paper editions that are too fragile to be thumbed through. It’s old-school pulp for a new generation. A brilliant idea that’s long overdue.”
—Christa Faust, author of Money Shot and Choke Hold

“I have long been very outspoken against ebooks publishing. That said, Prologue Books is the only worthwhile ebook endeavor I see any worth in. It’s bringing back everything I grew up reading. I say bravo.”
—Robert J. Randisi, author of The Bottom of Every Bottle

“Prologue Books is, in a word, spectacular. This is a treasure trove of the great authors who influenced several generations of writers and are still influencing them. These books are some of the best examples of sheer storytelling power that you’ll ever find.”
—James Reasoner, author of Tractor Girl: A Texas Crime Novel

“I am tremendously excited about the possibilities Prologue brings to the crime fiction community. An ongoing discussion of 20th century writers and novels is about the most I could have hoped for when I began Friday’s Forgotten Books four years ago. The larger the discussion, the more books and writers that will not be left behind.”
—Patti Abbott, author of Monkey Justice

“Having these hard-to-find books freely available to readers is a wonderful thing. The writers represented here knew how to tell a fast-moving, well-plotted story with all the fat removed, and now anyone with an e-reader can own their novels in an instant. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.”
—Bill Crider, author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes series

“What a great idea! One whose time has come. The good stuff. The kind of tough, hard-boiled fiction I’ve been reading for over 50 years. Looking through the list of books below, I bought some of them new off the local drugstore’s spinner rack when I was still in my teens. (I still have them.) The others in my collection I had to scrounge up from used bookstores here and there all over the country, from Maine to St. Louis and back again. And here they are again, all spruced up, the dust brushed off and ready for a new generation of readers.”
—Steve Lewis

“Great site. Great selling copy. Terrific presentation.”
—Barry Malzberg